BCPS Centenary Review 1918-2018
(Our new book celebrating the first hundred years of our Society)

Free copies of the book were sent out on Tuesday 7th April, only to UK paper subscribers. Normal delivery time is up to 1 week, but nothing is normal at the moment. A second tranche of the books will be sent to UK electronic-only subscribers once postal addresses have been established – many have responded, and they will receive their books soon. Those who have not yet provided their address will still be able to receive the book if they respond by 30th June 2020. Overseas subscribers will receive the books as soon as our Printer is confident that postal procedures are back to normal. The books will be delivered only to those who have paid their subscriptions up to 2019 or 2020. It is expected of those who have not paid (including any arrears) to the end of 2020 to do so by 25th June, please. Full details of how to pay are on the back page of The Problemist and here.

July Magazines

The July magazines have been sent to all subscribers; the paper versions having been distributed on 17th July (albeit sent for printing on 2nd July – such is the impact of covid-19). It is likely that, in some countries, it will take a long time for the paper magazines to reach them. Please wait for 4 weeks before reporting that your paper magazines have not arrived, and in the meantime check this Distribution message occasionally for updates.

The PDFs were distributed to electronic subscribers on 23rd July. Our bulk email service provider has reported that, of the 164 sent, 159 were delivered and 5 'bounced'. The bounces are being investigated. Of the 159 reported delivered, only 103 have, as of 9th August, been reported as 'opened'. PDFs were sent out to non-member-contributors on 5th August. Of the 47 reported delivered, only 29 have, as of 9th August, been reported 'opened'. It is likely that most of the unopened ones will be lurking in spam folders. So, if you haven't received your PDF July issue, please check your spam folder, and, if necessary, your spam filter settings.

The archive of The Problemist is freely available in pdf format to the public on our website. The last 6 issues are excluded.
A complete archive of The Problemist Supplement is also freely available in pdf format on our website.

New General Editor!

The new General Editor is Geoff Foster, who took over from the May 2020 issue of The Problemist.


We have to again postpone our Annual General Meeting, which was due to be on May 29th. We are hoping that September 25th may be possible, but we may have to postpone it yet again. We will notify members through this website.

Online Solving

We are organising several online solving tests, kindly prepared by Brian Cook. Announcements are being posted in the 'Latest Additions to the Site' tab below.

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