Christopher Jones

Selected Helpmates 1989-2021

Christopher Jones, who became a Grandmaster in 2012 (almost entirely on the basis of his helpmate compositions), goes back through his notebooks to draw out a selection of his problems published from 1989 onwards. He is sometimes surprised by what he finds (uncharacteristic problems of whose creation he can summon up no memory), sometimes disappointed at repetitious problems (excluded from this anthology), and sometimes pleased to be reacquainted with old favourites (included!).

The result is a blend of problems that have achieved some recognition and success with problems that will be unfamiliar to most readers, and an exploration of the different types of aesthetic appeal in helpmates, including the appeal that may reside in a problem's ‘knottiness’, its quality as a problem for solving.

This book has been published by Nightrider Unlimited and is number 49 in the Kuhn/Murkisch series. For details of how to order go to the publisher's website.

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