Colin Sydenham

Selected Chess Problems of Colin Sydenham

Selected by Himself

Lulu Press 2014, £9.99, paperback, 229 problems (97 2-ers, 5 n-ers, 19 h#s, 58 duplex h#s, 50 Fairies), ISBN 9781326450618

- “.. Heir to a long tradition of British 2-move composition that is alive to potential solver awareness. .. Graceful, witty technically accomplished, with strong, often complex, themes clearly and economically expressed.” (A.C.Reeves, The Problemist May 2006)

- “The sheer readability .. coupled with the quality of his work makes this a book that no serious problemist should be without.” (J.M.Rice, The Problemist)

- “A composer who has followed his chosen direction with an independent spirit, yet who shares the same fundamental values of the art with problemists the world over.” (D.Friedgood, Foreword)

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The book contains in Appendix II a list of other Notes and Articles on chess problems published by the author (1976-2003), almost all in The Problemist.

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