2019 News

  • 2019/01/11 – International Solving Contest (ISC) nodes in GB

    Written by Brian Stephenson

    As has now become usual, GB will host two ‘nodes’ of the International Solving Contest (ISC) – one in Surbiton and one in Sheffield. The event will take place on Sunday 27th January 2019. There are three sections: Category 1 for experienced chess solvers, Category 2 for solvers with an international rating of less than or equal to 1700 and Category 3 for younger solvers born after 31/12/2005. In each category solving will start at 10:00. Categories 1 and 2 will comprise two rounds of two hours each while category 3 will be one round of two hours. Lunch will be provided between the rounds.

    The Surbiton venue will be John Rice’s house and is limited to a small number of solvers. Prospective solvers should contact John for details, though he is most likely fully booked already.

    The Sheffield venue is Jurys Inn and can take up to only 10 solvers, so getting in early is recommended. Please contact me to book your place.

    The following solvers are already booked for the Sheffield venue:

    • Geoff Brown
    • Brian Cook
    • David Hodge
    • Michael McDowell
    • Colin McNab
    • Victor Snaith
    • Ian Watson

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