C. J. A. Jones

Written by Michael McDowell


Christopher Jones

Christopher James Austin Jones was born on 6th April 1952 at Newport-on-Tay, Scotland. He was educated at the High School of Dundee and Corpus Christi College, Oxford and practised as a solicitor from 1980 to 1997. As a player he represented Scotland as a junior in the period 1968-69, and captained Oxford University Chess Club in 1972-73. Resident in Bristol since 1978, he has played for the Bristol & Clifton and Thornbury clubs.

Having been helpmates sub-editor of The Problemist since 1997, he took over as Secretary of the BCPS in 2001 and was elected President in 2007.

His first chess problem was published in 1987, since when his output ha s passed the 500 mark. He has established a reputation as a prolific composer of helpmates, in which field he has been the most successful British composer of recent years in terms of awards gained. In 1997 he became helpmates sub-editor of The Problemist, and in 2001 took over as Secretary of the BCPS.


The notes to the following problems are by Christopher Jones.

(A) C. J. A. Jones

1st Comm., The Problemist, 1989


Helpmate in 7½: 2 solutions

(B) C. J. A. Jones

2nd HM., The Problemist, 1992


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

(C) C. J. A. Jones

British Chess Magazine, 1997


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

(D) C. J. A. Jones

Prize, Suomen Tehtäväniekat, 1998


Helpmate in 3: (b) bQf5->c7

(E) C. J. A. Jones

(after F. Kovacs) 1st Prize, Orbit, 1999


Helpmate in 4: 2 solutions

(F) C. J. A. Jones

Die Schwalbe, 2000


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

(G) C. J. A. Jones

2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2000


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

(H) C. J. A. Jones

2nd Prize, Orbit, 2001/II


Helpmate in 3 (b) wPe3->f2

(I) C. J. A. Jones

Sachova Skladba, 2003


Helpmate in 3 (b) d3 = black pawn

(J) C. J. A. Jones

Schach-Aktiv, 2003


Helpmate in 3 (b) remove bPe5

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