Eton 2013

Photographs from the final of the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship 2012-2013 at Eton College on Saturday 23rd February 2013. They were taken by John Upham and kindly made available by him.

Brian Stephenson

Brian Stephenson.

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones.

Colin McNab

Colin McNab.

David Friedgood

David Friedgood.

David Hodge

David Hodge.

David Shire

David Shire.

Dolf Wissmann

Dolf Wissmann.

Eddy van Beers

Eddy van Beers.

Gerald Griggs

Gerald Griggs.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown.

Ian Watson

Ian Watson.

John Nunn

John Nunn.

John Rice

John Rice.

Jon Lawrence

Jon Lawrence.

Jonathan Mestel

Jonathan Mestel.

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell.

Nigel Dennis

Nigel Dennis.

Paul Valois

Paul Valois.

Piotr Murdzia

Piotr Murdzia.

Roddy McKay

Roddy McKay.

The Control Team

The Control Team.

The Event in Progress

The Event in Progress.

The Venue

The Venue.

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