Eton 2014

Photographs from the final of the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship 2013-2014 at Eton College on Saturday 22rd February 2014. Unless otherwise stated all photographs are Copyright © 2014 John Upham Photography.

Alaistair Summers

Alastair Summers.

Andrew Bamford

Andrew Bamford.

Brian Stephenson

Brian Stephenson.

Chris Shephard

Chris Shephard.

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones.

Dafydd Johnston

Dafydd Johnston.

David Friedgood

David Friedgood.

David Hodge

David Hodge.

David Shire

David Shire.

Dolf Wissmann

Dolf Wissmann.

Eddy van Beers

Eddy van Beers.

Erik Baurdoux

Erik Baurdoux.

Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown.

John Gemmell

John Gemmell.

John Nunn

John Nunn.

John Taylor

John Taylor.

Jonathan Mestel

Jonathan Mestel.

Lyndon Gurr

Lyndon Gurr.

Marcel van Herck

Marcel van Herck.

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell.

Neil Sutherland

Neil Sutherland.

Nicholas Argyris

Nicholas Argyris.

Victor Snaith

Victor Snaith.

Solving in progress

Solving in progress.

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