2023 News

  • 2023/01/02 – The 2023 International Solving Contest (ISC)

    Written by Brian Stephenson

    The UK venue for the 2023 International Solving Contest will be in Sheffield and will take place on Sunday 29th January 2023 at the Leonardo Hotel (formerly Jurys Inn), 119 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 4QW. There is car-parking close to the hotel. Food will be laid on all day with a formal lunch. There will be two rounds at approx 10:00 and 14:00. Each round is two hours. Three categories are available (one for Juniors). Exact timings will be issued closer to the date. All competitors should email ISC Controller Phill Beckett using the contacts menu item above so that he can register their place. Ideally if a player needs a chess set please bring one or let Phill know so he can hopefully arrange one.

    The contest in the main category will consist of two rounds with six problems each, i.e. for each round a #2, #3, #n, endgame, h# and s#. The second category will consist of two rounds with six problems: in the first round two #2 and one #3, #n, endgame and s#, and in the second round one #2, two #3 and one #n, endgame and h#. The youth category will consist of one round with six orthodox problems, i.e. four #2, a #3 and an endgame. For each round, the solving time is two hours.

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