2022 News

  • 2022/10/01 – Delays to the 2022-2023 WBCSC

    Written by Brian Stephenson

    The Starter Round finished at the end of July. The BCPS regrets to announce that the distribution of the Postal Round has been delayed. It will be sent out but it is not possible at the moment to announce a date for this. This will mean that the closing date for the Postal Round will be later than the end of November and that the final will likely be dalayed to a date later than February 2023. We were already encountering difficulties in finding and booking a venue for the final, but it is hoped that one can be found.

    Please do not send progress-chasing enquiries to either the controller or to Brian Stephenson. These people are both busy and answering such enquiries would be an extra burden. Thankyou.

  • 2022/05/31 – The 2022-2023 WBCSC has begun!

    Written by Brian Stephenson

    The Starter Problem of the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship (WBCSC) is now available and can be viewed here

  • 2022/05/09 – New Problemist contributors

    Written by Christopher Jones

    Following the resignations of two of the contributors to ‘Selected Problems’ sections in The Problemist, the BCPS is pleased to announce the appointment of two new contributors – Selected 2-Movers will be presented by the American composer Kabe Moen and Selected Retros by the Ukrainian composer Andrey Frolkin. We are delighted to be joined by such eminent experts in their respective fields.

  • 2022/04/21 – New Book

    Written by Brian Stephenson

    Christopher Jones, our President, has produced a book of his helpmate compositions from 1989 to 2021. Details of the book can be viewed at this page..

  • 2022/04/13 – Change of General Editor

    Written by Christopher Jones

    Following the resignation of Geoff Foster as General Editor of The Problemist the new Acting General Editor of the magazine is Christopher Jones, to whom all correspondence, offers of articles, etc., should be sent. Geoff Foster continues as Editor of The Problemist Supplement. Both gentlemen may be emailed via the Contact page.

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